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More than just CBD

In addition to CBD, our products contain many other useful ingredients for maximum effect!

IFHA tested

Our oils are regularly tested by the cannabis institute IFHA based in Austria.

100% Natural

CANNADOL products contain only natural ingredients.

CBD is a so-called phytocannabinoid, produced by the cannabis plant. Our body also produces similar compounds, which we call endocannabinoids. Contrary to popular belief, CBD is not unique to the cannabis plant. It can also be found in hops and in the skins of certain fruits, but the largest amount is produced by the cannabis plant. It exists in the plant in its raw, natural form as CBDA, which becomes CBD during the processing of plant parts. How much CBDA and CBD the final product, i.e. CBD oil, contains depends mostly on the extraction process. CANNADOL™ CBD oils contain a particularly high amount of CBDA, thanks to a special extraction process at low pressure and temperature.



CBD and other useful components found in the cannabis plant interact with our body's endocannabinoid system. This complex biological system consists of receptors found everywhere in our body (CB1 and CB2 receptors), endocannabinoids and degrading enzymes. The endocannabinoid system ensures that our body functions in an optimal range and regulates, for example, our appetite, sleep and well-being.




CBD oil may provide relief by influencing the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Research into its use is still relatively new, and further studies are needed to understand the function of the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant. Research on cbd is related to pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and cancer.




The valuable active ingredients are extracted from the biomass produced from dried hemp using a CO2 process. After CO2 extraction, a thick, honey-like substance is obtained, which undergoes multi-stage purification. At this point, it would not be possible to drip without adding vegetable oil, so the high-CBD raw extract must be diluted with some vegetable oil. We use oil pressed from the seeds of the cannabis plant, i.e. hemp seed oil, for this purpose. Hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of CBD, but provides a great environment for mixing with high CBD raw extract to produce a drop-on product.





Together we are stronger! It is the same with the compounds found in hemp. In addition to CBD, there are many other useful components in this wonderful plant, which strengthen each other's effect and together form a powerful team. The more cannabinoids and terpenes we retain, the more valuable a product we get. The hemp varieties that we grow produce the largest amount of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN. It depends on the type of hemp, the planting method, the quality of the soil, the extraction process, and the cleaning steps after the extraction, which cannabinoids remain in the final product and in what quantity. We created the CANNADOLTM drops in such a way that, in addition to CBD, they also contain many other useful ingredients. Our broad-spectrum CBD KOMPLEX drop is the oil with the highest CBG content in the category, while our full-spectrum CBD FULL oil is one of the products with the highest CBDA content among similar oils.



© CBD oils are tested by Austria's leading cannabis testing institute IFHA. All production batches are first sent to IFHA before the products are released to the market. The accredited test result proves that the product contains cannabinoids and terpenes other than CBD.



Which product is recommended for my illness?

Unfortunately, the situation is similar to that of dosing. CBD is not a medicine and cannot be attributed to a disease-preventive, healing effect, even though we know how effective it can. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a product for your illness. It is recommended that you obtain information from a credible online source and consult a CBD-authorized physician.

What does FULL SPEKTRUM mean?

FULL SPEKTRUM means that the product contains as much as possible of the useful natural ingredients can be found in  hemp. Mostly cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. There are several other cannabinoids in the FULL SPEKTRUM drops and extracts in addition to CBD. Detectable amounts are mostly CBG, CBN, THC, THCV and CBC. It is only recently that we are beginning to understand the synergy effects how terpenes and cannabinoids work together. An important feature of FULL SPEKTRUM products is that they contain the most important cannabis terpenes in their natural form, such as Beta-kariophillin or Humulene.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD is legal to use in all EU member states.

IS CBD addictive?

No, CBD does not cause addiction.

What is CBDa?

CBDa is the acidic form of CBD. Only CBDa can be found in live Cannabis plant. After harvesting and rooting, CBDa will turn to CBD, mostly because of heat. The CBDa content of hemp products varies depending on the extraction process and the refinement steps after extraction. Based on studies on the field, CBDa transforms to CBD in our body. Are CBDa rich products more beneficial?  It is difficult to answer this question because there is not enough research material available on the subject.

What is CBG?

CBG is often referred to as the mother of cannabinoids, as the cannabis plant produces both CBD and THC from the acidic form of this compound, CBGA. When harvested, it is only contained in small amounts in most licensed hemp varieties, which is why it is one of the most expensive cannabinoids. It is gaining more and more space in cannabis-related research.

How is CBD oil made?


It all starts with choosing the right seed. A broad cannabinoid and terpene profile can only be guaranteed if cannabis with the right genetics is planted. Of the more than thirty varieties authorized by the European Union, there are only a few that are suitable for producing a high-quality product. Our expertise, careful variety selection and soil with the right nutrients ensure the constant, high quality of CANNADOL© drops.

At the end of April, the first seed is placed in soil at approximately 8C, and the hemp harvest begins in early September. The valuable cannabinoids and essential oils are extracted from the harvested and dried plants. The raw cannabis extract produced by the CO2 process is a golden-yellow, honey-like substance that contains large amounts of CBD, other cannabinoids, plant waxes, and hemp-specific impurities (PAHs), so it must undergo a multi-stage purification process. During the cleaning process, harmful PAH compounds and excess vegetable waxes are also removed. After that, the raw extract is mixed with oil made from the plant's own seeds, i.e. hemp seed oil, and this is how it acquires its final drop-on form.

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